maxresdefaultPeople that love gardening mostly know all there is about composters, but surprisingly, there aren’t that many people that know a lot about the tumbling composters. Well, they ought to, because some experts say that these composters are better than the other ones, while other claim that it is all up to the user to decide which one he likes best.

Tumbler format composters are different than the regular bin-format ones, because they look just like some canisters that you can move whenever you want by rolling them all around your garden or your yard, and people do understand that, but they aren’t sure now which one of them they ought to buy. Well, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about the tumbling composters, and then you decide if you like them more than you would the regular composters. Here are some basic features of a tumbling composter.

These tumbling composters are, as we have already mentioned, a bit different, and for each of them you need a dry space, because the moist cannot be allowed in, to mix in with the compost. Also, as we have mentioned, they work by having you roll them around, and these tumbling composters don’t really need to be rolled around that often – you can do it just three times once every three days.

Apart from being easy to work with, some tumbling composters are rather difficult to assemble. You see, while you get most of the bin-format composters in one shape, and you can use them the very second you get them out of your box, some of these tumbling composters need to be assembled, and that can be tricky for some people. In fact, some of them are so difficult to assemble, that most people don’t really know how to do it.

However, those bin-format composter cannot be moved that easily, and you need to keep them exactly where you placed them (at least most of them). Well, this is not a problem with the tumbling composters, because you can just move them to wherever you want; and you don’t even have to carry them – just roll them around.

hqdefaultMost of these tumbling composters are highly efficient, and are able to churn all the waste that gets piled up in your compost. They can do this by having separate chambers which are used for filling and for the waste management. This is great, because it allows for the creation of a better and a more effective compound. They also have air vents that are adjustable, allowing you to adjust them to the material used, or to the climatic conditions of the place you live in.

The constructions of these tumbling composters is usually rather sturdy, and most of them are made of recycled plastic. These things need to be made strong, because they need to withstand all that tumbling, and that means that right from the get to, they are stronger and more durable than the regular bin-format composters.