Benefits of being a mobile disco

614560_9efbaff6b8764c2989e7f77083c82a56.jpg7089.jpg7089cropThere are people out there that believe that being a mobile disco is somehow degrading, and that if you are not a professional stationary DJ, you’re not really worth anything. Well, these people couldn’t be further from the truth, because it is exactly the mobile discos who have the upper hand here. Of course, they might not make the same amount of money as the professional DJs, but there are some benefits to doing this job, and we’re going to reveal them to you. So, if you’ve ever wondered what the benefits of being a mobile disco are, you’re in a right place.

The first and the most obvious benefit from being a mobile disco comes in the form of… well, being mobile. When you are mobile, you can reach more places than the stationary DJs. If you are stationary, you need people to organize everything for you, you need a truck to carry all your equipment, and of course, you’re going to spend more money on it all. If you are mobile, you can just pack everything in your car and move on to the next party, without worrying if you’ve got enough space, or if the workers have forgotten to pack anything.

The next benefit lies in the fact that you only depend on yourself and no one else. You won’t have to worry about what everyone around you are doing, because you are the only one doing everything. You pack yourself, you unpack yourself, you’re the only one touching your equipment, you are the only one spending all the money you make… You are basically independent!

Even though a mobile disco charges less money for deejaying at a party than a stationary or a professional DJ, it is benefiting to know that the mobile discos work a lot more. So, even if you are charging a lot less for a party, you’re doing a lot more work, which at the end of the month, might end up being a lot more than one professional DJ makes in that very same month.

Another benefit comes in a sense that you can expand your business a lot better as a mobile disco than as a stationary DJ. You can even start your own company and hire DJs to work as mobile discos for you. Some people have gotten rich by doing that, which basically proves to us that you can make a lot of money by being a mobile DJ or by having a mobile disco company. A great example for this can be found in City Night Discos in Reading, an amazing company, with amazing service, and an amazing party skills.


So, if you’ve ever been one of the people that believed that the mobile discos are just a waste of time, we hope that we have proved you wrong. You now know that there are many benefits to being a mobile disco or having a mobile disco business; you’ve seen it here, and we’re pretty sure that you’ve known it for some time as well.