Why Philanthropy is Important

downloadA lot of famous and successful people do charity work and are known to be big philanthropists, because they believe that in that way, they are doing something to make this world a better place. Of course, some of them do it to improve their public image, but that is really not important; what’s most important is the fact that they are setting a great example for others, and showing that charity work and philanthropy is nothing to be scared or ashamed of, and that we should all do our part to improve the world at least a little bit.

But, why exactly is philanthropy important? Why should we do it? Well, basically, philanthropy is doing good work, and it is said that the good deeds always get rewarded. That is exactly why some people become philanthropists. Other people believe that they have too much time on their hands, or just have too much money, and wish to use it in some way to make this world a better place. As we have said, there are also those that do this just in order to improve their public image, but they shouldn’t be judged; if they get just one more person to think about helping other those less fortunate, than they have done their work, no matter if that is exactly what they have had in mind.

A lot of famous people are philanthropists, and many people would say that it should be like that, because those people have a lot of money and can afford to be philanthropists, while the regular people just can’t afford it. Well, philanthropy is not all about the money; you can be a philanthropist just by donating your old clothes to the less fortunate, by giving away the stuff from your home that your don’t need, by offering some charity organizations a helping hand in organizing events, in helping them set the events up, etc. So, as we have seen, philanthropy can make this world a better place, and it doesn’t need money – it just needs some good will and desire to help.

And not all of the “big shot” philanthropists are famous actors, actresses, musicians, TV start, etc. Some of them are also some famous people with a regular job, just like the one you and I have. One of those people is, for example, the famous New York City real estate agent Kate Meckler, who is a board member of Love Heals, ans has also taken part in many other charity organizations, such as The Young Lions Society at the New York Public Library, Reach Out and Read at the Bellevue Hospital, and the Partnership for Public Service.

imagesAs we have seen, everyone can be a philanthropist and a charitable person; you don’t need money to do it, you just need some will power. The famous people doing this can inspire us to do the same, and that is why it’s a positive thing, and why we ought to support those who do it no matter what.