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Prophetic Dream: Seal of God

My wife had a dream of substantial prophetic significance on 5 July 2010. As the Church are shortly about to enter into difficult times I believe it is important for me to relate this dream to the body of Christ.

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The Church, Ekklesia -What is Wrong with us in America

A lot of what's wrong in the church of Christ is also plainly seen in America. The church spends a lot of its time paying attention to secular society instead of the gospel of Christ. The preachers spend too much of their time judging according to the world instead of according to our canon of Scripture. The major problem is that we're using the wrong ruler to measure morality by.

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Ho Ekklesia is The Church of Christ - The Reflection of God's Mercy on Earth because of New Birth

The Church of Jesus Christ which is a translation from the Greek phrase Ho Ekklesia is a reflection of God's mercy your on earth. Howbeit this reflection is only part or better yet imperfect because we have been born from and into corrupt flesh. God in his mercy unto believers has imparted the spiritual gift in to us the church by way of causing us to be born again.

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Ho Ekklesia -- English translation, The Church is the glory of God on earth.

The new birth is one of the gifts of God given unto the church of Jesus Christ so that they mature and show forth his glory on the earth. This is one of the main points or reasons for this gift -- he has bestowed glory upon us and so therefore we must recompense the same by showing this glory in our lives before the face of men.

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Ho Ekklesia - We are Called The Church Because we are Called unto Glory.

The Church of Christ which is translated from the Greek word ekklesia is a word great depth of meaning. The word means to be called out but it signifies a calling out from living worldly. The new birth process starts with a calling out by way of the gospel to those that are preordained unto life.

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God's Love Shown to His Church, The Ekklesia by way of The New Birth

God shows His Love toward us,The Church, or as the greeks would call us his Ekklesia by Giving us a New Birth. It is the first birth or the birth from the flesh that prevents any individual from pleasing God. The scriptures plainly tells us that the man born of the flesh cannot please God.

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