A Message From God

Date Added: November 03, 2008 10:09:02 PM
Author: Glennice Fryson
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A Message From God

(In the midst of my despair, when I felt I had no contact with my Father God, He sent me a message)

Several years ago, I felt the most burdened down I have ever felt.  The day was very beautiful and sunny.  However, because of something going on in my life, I felt as though I had no reason to live. 

My day began with a feeling of depression.  I got out of bed feeling as though I could just barely place one foot in front of the other.  Please understand, I was in perfect health.  Except for high blood pressure which was under control, I had nothing wrong physically with my body .

Each day prior to this particular day when arising,  I would pray and ask the Lord for guidance.  I would then proceed through my day with trials normal to anyone working in a customer service position and having three sons to care for. 

After getting the boys off to school, still feeling quite burdened, I headed to my office.  I had no idea why I felt so down, but shortly after beginning my work day, I felt as though I again needed to pray.  I prayed to my Lord fervently.  Usually, when I began to pray, I could feel the presence of my Lord come upon me.  His awesome presence would envelope me with a sensation so powerful, I had to bow lower.  This particular day however, I felt nothing after the prayer.  I did not feel my Saviors presence.  I could not feel Him.  A fear came over my body and I began to ask my Savior what had I done.  Why could I not feel His presence?  Had I failed Him? Had I disappointed Him.? 

I desperately needed to know if I had done anything to fall out of His grace.  I told Him how much I loved Him.  I confessed any sin I could even think I had committed to Him.  I began to cry.

When I started to cry, I told Him I had to hear from Him.  I had to know that He still loved me.  I had to know that I was still in His grace.

I felt as though I was still  burdened, but the burden was not as heavy as earlier.  I then was able to keep working, however, the feeling of longing to hear from the Lord stayed with me. 

Around 4pm that day, one of my staff buzzed me.  She expressed that I had a caller on the phone.  The caller was someone I had not heard from for little over a year.  I knew her well, from a business relationship we shared. 

Normally, the only time I heard from this person was when she needed to ask me to review her account.  So, when I heard the name of the caller, I began to access her account to see what I could do for her.  

When she was transferred to me, we shared the usual greeting.  I then waited a few seconds for her to tell me what I could do to help her.  Imagine my surprise when she asked how I was doing.  I then began to tell her how good my day was going, knowing fully well, I would not disclose the truth about my day.

A few seconds after I told her how well my day was going, she said she called to tell me The Lord told her to call.  He wanted me to know He still Loved me.  He wanted the message to be given to me because He could not get through. 

I began to weep profusely.  I knew the Lord had sent me this message through this young lady.  I knew He heard my plea. 

When we are down and feel as though the weight of the world is on us, seek the Lord.  He is always just a prayer away.  He hears us when we call on Him.  And He is waiting to answer. 

I have no idea why I was not allowing Him to reach me, but I was so very thankful He used another of His children to bring me His message. 

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