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Date Added: September 27, 2008 07:27:45 PM
Author: Steve
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The good thing about the Christian Niche is that in theory at least we should all be helping each other out.

As a user I tried some of them out. After waiting a couple of months and not having my banner approved or rejected I thought some of the existing sitesare not very professional.

The Jargon

A good exchange ratio

2:1 means for each banner you display you get half a banner.

1:1 means you get one banner displayed for each one displayed by you.

Startup Credits. This is normally theamount of credits you get when you sign up. It is less important than the exchange ratio. (1000 to 4000 typically)

Referral credits. This is the amount of credits you get for each customer you refer to the site. Probably more important than the start up credits, if your in for the long haul.

Banner prices

These should not break the bank, at www.christianbannerexchange,org the prices are 10,000 credits $6.95

You should shop around for the best prices.


My own network is it provides a 1:1 ratio, 4000 start up credits, and 3000 credits per referral making it the most generous banner exchange on the Internet.

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